The national property value growth inches even further upward last month by 1.5 per cent, which is some good news for the present-day homeowner, and one local business, who is thriving in the mix.

The Indoor State property stylers have been hopping from one property to the next with furnishings in tow, designed to really make an impression with buyers.

Business owner Bel Gibson knows how important presentation is for selling property these days. “If you invest a little bit in getting your house ready, it can pay big dividends for you when you go to sell,” she told the Blue Mountains Phoenix.

Her team service the lower to mid Blue Mountains, as well as around the Penrith area, delivering, installing and setting up furniture, as well as pictures, books, bowls and other items at a property for potential buyers to see at an inspection. These are then removed once a property is sold, and the cooling off period expires.

“If it’s a large home, it would be a job that would run over two days, so we’d get everything delivered the first day, and roughly put into rooms and spaces, and then the second day is set up day, hanging the artwork, making the beds and putting all those final touches together, getting the foliage and flowers in place.”

They are guided by three principles with each place they furnish:
1. Bringing nature into homes, like picking out leaves and native flowers for display
2. Storytelling with meaningful furnishings, like adding a pair of glasses or a wine glass to a dining table that paints a picture of how someone can live their life in that space - coupled with a goal to make the living space feel warm and inviting
3. Adding curated art works with themes that reflect the Blue Mountains, like proteas, banksias and gum trees

It all started over three years ago when Bel was selling her own property and furnished the place herself. She made such an impression with the interior design that the real estate agent recommended she do home styling for a living. “I started the business because I love interior design, I started just doing some small jobs, and now we have got myself, and another two

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