Enjoying the cool morning air with your hands wrapped around a cup of steaming bliss-in-a-mug is just about the closest youʼre going to get to paradise. A good cup of coffee will set your day in the right direction and leave you feeling excited and ready to leap over any obstacle the day throws at you. For Leura locals and our greater Blue Mountains community alike, the very best coffee and Sandwich place is none other than the Laneway Sandwich & Espresso shop located in the heart of Leura.

To be served by the lovely business owner and cafe director Shannon each and every day means to be treated like family, customers who have been loyal to the store have boasted about the quality of food, the delectably delicious coffee and of course the family-like service each and every customer receives. Prior to meeting Shannon, staff from the Blue Mountains Phoenix popped in for a muffin and a coffee and have been raving about it ever since. Tayla says: The minute I stepped into this venue, I knew it was my kind of place. Affordable items, very decent portion sizes and staff that go above and beyond to tend to your every culinary desire, what more could you ask for? You can tell

that the display items are made fresh with love and care each morning which of course adds to the divine and calming experience. And the coffee, where do I even get started? The coffee tastes like drops of heaven, with exquisitely roasted coffee beans and extra TLC poured into each cup, itʼs easy to see why this venue is becoming one of the most popular Leura coffee houses.

Now a word from the woman of the hour, business owner herself, Shannon Delaney. When asked about what prompted her to take over this business and her niche within the hospitality industry, Shannon warmly stated: I was actually beyond grateful to be offered this business opportunity by my dear friend and previous owner Kathryn Murphy. I had been a customer of hers for over 7 years and she always mentioned if she was to sell she would want me and my family to purchase the business because we loved it as much as she did. The niche and vision behind the business is simplicity at its best, turning your everyday sandwich into something tasty and creative.”

All we can say Shannon is that your creative niche for this business is something that continues to shine day-in-day-out.

Something customers may not all know is that Shannonʼs lovely mother actually helped her take over and purchase the shop. When asked about their close bond, Shannon vocalized her admiration and bond for her mum by stating; “I wouldn't be doing what I am right now if i didn't have her help. It really has shown me I can rely on her for help at any time and vice versa.

If it means cooking bacon or mushrooms at 10 Oʼclock at night for me or picking up bagels at midnight after she finishes her midwifery shift, she does it. We have definitely made a bonding experience out of it.” A woman of many talents, whose favourite job is evidently being a devoted mother.

At this homey, friendly and family-run cafe, you might be so tempted to ask the type of beans that are responsible for creating such a divine tasting cup-of-coffee. The answer, proudly announced by Shannon is: Anything that comes out of the cassiopeia roasting warehouse is my favourite choice. It's hard to narrow it down to just one but if I had to... it would be their seasonal blend. It's sweet with chocolate and caramel notes, what's not to love?

We asked Shannon what she is looking forward to doing in the future from this exciting and nerve-wracking venture, to which she candidly said:” I'm hoping to collab with a few local air bnbs up here and see what we can do there, i'm also wanting to do a lot of charity raising as well, a lot of people don't know this but my younger sister is a stroke survivor at 24yrs old and i'm wanting to do a lot with the stroke foundation to give back to them and say thank you for everything they did to help my sister.”

The Blue Mountains Phoenix would love to support Shannon and the stroke foundation furthermore throughout the year and encourage any form of helpful contribution be sent their way.

And finally, a message to the loyal patrons, the customers who pass through to pick up their morning coffee and to anyone who finds the time to support this business, this message from the team is for you: “Buying your first business is scary enough but to be open for 3 weeks before being plunged into a 4 month strict lockdown is terrifying!

But because of all of you we managed to keep our doors open that whole time! We just want you to know that everytime you step through our doors for a sandwich, coffee or even just for a chat you are greatly appreciated.”

Be sure to stop in and feed your OCD (obsessive Coffee Disorder) at The Laneway Sandwich and Espresso in Leura and join the family-like community.

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