It goes without saying that the powers of the outside, more specifically, nature possess the uncanny capability of releasing all negative and stressful energy from our bodies. When becoming one with the breeze in the trees, the peaceful calm and silence of a bush or rainforest walk, or even taking in the incandescent beauty of one’s outdoor open plane surroundings work wonders as a serotonin inhibitor. When Blue Mountains phoenix spoke with Karen Bowler and Dr Henriette Macri-Etienne, we were blown away with just how the ways in which we can take a holistic approach to life and become one with nature once more. For living in a time filled with technology and the hustle and bustle of work, training and school life, it is important to find a calming moment for yourself.

Dr Henriette Macri-Etienne is an adventurer and explorer of wild places, and loves spending time initiating others in the spiritual side of the outdoors. She runs her own holistic dental practice, Integrated Dental Health in Katoomba and is currently taking a sabbatical year off from being a dentist and having a nature immersion. Within her eco-therapy blog, she Dr Henriette describes eco therapy to be; “The healing effects of being in nature.” and gushes over the fact that eco-therapy is finally being used in mainstream medicinal practices.

It is her goal along with the Blue Mountains Phoenix to actively make our community increasingly aware of our impact on the land. As such in the coming weeks we will dive right into the following: Cold water immersion using the Wim Hoff method, Labyrinth meditation, Connection between spirituality and nature , Integrating various aspects of holistic dental health.

In the coming issues we will be focussing on the holistic styles of eco-therapy and their positive impacts on the lives of all Australian citizens.

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