A stunningly natural summer house decor trend has rocked the communities of the Blue Mountains as the latest popular indoor style. For once let your home turn green with excitement rather than envy with stunning foliage draped through every crevice of the house. Studies have indicated that indoor plants can increase mood, productivity and concentration as well as reduce stress and tiredness. Indoor plants can also improve the air quality within your home by absorbing toxins, boosting humidity and also producing oxygen. Want a natural remedy into feeling like your best self? Time to head down to Ronnie, or your nearest home and garden centre to pick up your indoor plants and feel amazing. I know what you’re thinking, “How will they grow inside without absorbing the sunrays?”, “won’t this be a lot of work?” and “How do I care for them properly?”. The answer is simple, buy plants that require love but least amount of upkeep, plants that are self sufficient and can survive the indoor conditions of your home. Here are some of the best indoor plants that will thrive in your home.

Peace Lily

The peace Lily brings a beautiful and sophisticated sense of decadence to a home. The pure white petals accompanied by a deep sea of green portrays the feeling of purity and innocence, as well as being absolutely stunning to see. The plant has glossy green leaves and produces white flowers, typically growing between 45-65 cm tall. The perfect size, colour and texture for a home that is always dressed to impress and entertain. The Peace Lily has been exemplified as one of the most deliciously smelling natural purifiers and has even been dignified by NASA for air purification. This incandescent plant requires minimum upkeep and sunlight, simply plant, sow and water, and you’ll find yourself a stunning indoor plant that provides more than you paid for.

Devils Ivy

Do you want the fairytale castle vine looking growing into your home, spreading itself across mantles, walls and brickstone? Look no further for this perfectly historic look than the Devils ivy plant. Just like it’s name this plant is fiercely captivating and will have onlookers curious and entranced by the nature and sowing of the plant. These plants are very tolerant to drought and don’t need regular fertilisation. Try potting Devil’s Ivy in a hanging basket or place cuttings in glass vases in your living room for a modern look.

Snake Plant

If you want to dive into a world of the unique, edgy and innovative then snake plant is perfect for you. This plant, funnily enough, is also known as the “Mother in-laws tongue”. It gets its name from the pointy tips of the leaves, symbolising the tongue of the Mother-in-Law. The succulent can grow up to 2 metres and is very hard to kill. Try to place it in an area with direct sunlight for a few hours a day and avoid over watering the plant.

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