Despite the fact that we are all bundled up in our comfy clothes and staying indoors, are we truly relaxing? The days seem to stretch out even longer than they once did and boy do we feel it? Parents who are racing around a er their kids, working from home and playing the role of ‘teacher’ are absolutely exhausted and struggling to find a moment alone. Trying to maintain an exercise, work, cooking and cleaning schedule all seems piled up, making the idea of down-time

not only appear out of reach, but simply impossible. That’s why it’s so very important to allow moments of peace and serenity into your day, even if it must be scheduled. But what can you do to achieve this goal? Simply read ahead.

Peaceful music is enough to set even the most stressed-out souls at ease. “Hymn to the immortal wind” by Japanese post-rock band, Mono lends itself to an endless amount of inspiration and invites listeners to dive into the divine serendipity together. The song continues to build over eight minutes moving peacefully into a cathartic wall of strings and drums that provoke all kinds of feelings subject to the individual listener. As the song builds the transition from mellow dynamic symphonies into something more explosive is seamless and an essential part of the magical, expansive soundscape created. Enjoy 8 minutes of downtime spent with just you and the music.

It’s now time to take 5, and no don’t worry parents, we know trying to find 5 minutes throughout the day is out of the question, but 5 seconds to take 5 deep breaths is definitely feasible. No matter what mess needs cleaning up, or what child needs your attention, take five deep breaths. Inhale positive energy and exhale any stressful and negative vibes that are causing physical and emotional tension. It is encouraged to think of what you are thankful for when inhaling and what you’re looking forward to letting go when exhaling.

We know lockdown can be hard, but it’s also the perfect time to reconnect with not only your family, but with yourself. By having a moment to relax and collect your thoughts you’re not only teaching yourself in moments of composure, but you’re teaching those around you that it’s perfectly okay, encouraged even to choose and love yourself as much as you do those around you.

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