After the downfall of the COVID-19 pandemic, staying motivated and on the path to success has had it’s fair share of challenges. As we settle into the year, new school leavers can feel anxious and stressed when deciding what career path to step into. There can be a sense of disappointment when desired results aren’t achieved and a wave of worry can surface when individuals are left to make decisions that can shape their future.

Disappointment can be felt when you don’t achieve the results you hoped for but young people should remember their character isn’t defined by a number. To stay motivated at any stage of your career it’s important to try and maintain your wellbeing. Universities and TAFEs have great pathway options that often involve starting a qualification and transferring to another or receiving recognition of prior learning. It’s always a good idea to ring and speak to student advisors and find out what study options might be available.

The path to a dream job can seem long and exhausting. Young people can stay motivated and excited for the future through constantly learning and acquiring new skills. Viewing each job or volunteer position as a stepping stone that builds upon your experience is really important. To stay motivated at any stage of your career it’s important to try and maintain your wellbeing by doing simple things such as keeping in contact with friends, eating well and getting enough sleep and exercise.

Don’t fear the journey required for your dream job,fear never trying at all.

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