If you want a personalized study plan for your child or teen to stick to, Tutoring with Tay could be the very people to call on.

The educational business offers a wealth of experience from various tutors who can work on improvement, as well as encourage students in their areas of strength.

Tayla, who runs all aspects of the busy enterprise, got started in 2019 as a means to an end while she was putting herself through university. Her tutoring then became hugely sought after. So, armed with an education degree, she decided to bite the bullet and have a fully-fledged business running the following year and hasn't looked back.

“Whilst it can be stressful, it is very rewarding and I wouldn't have it any other way,” Tayla said. “A big challenge is just simply finding time for absolutely every student, and the joys are always seeing the kids succeed.”

She also loves to help her charges overcome the inevitable challenges school kids face with their workload and learning journey.

“It's all about helping students overcome those barriers, and that's simply by teaching them the way they learn best, whether that is creatively, visually or adhering to a tactile or auditory stimulant.”

The tutors even bring kids out into the sunshine to do more hands-on educational learning, like science experiments. They're not shy of having fun in the sessions either, often taking kids outdoors, or playing games and having plenty of laughs.

All eleven tutors at the practice are learned and have had great success with their students. They have helped students with things like their year 12 prep, vocabulary, reading, comprehension, literacy, numeracy, study

skills, handwriting and time management - the latter being something all of us could improve in, so imagine smashing that skill earlier on in life.

So, if you want your kids to slam dunk their goals, give Tutoring with Tay a buzz and you might see them do just that.

Tutoring with Tay caters to students from kindergarten to year 12, and covers the Wollongong, South-West Sydney and the Blue Mountains areas.

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