ʻWe bring the fun back into after school learning.ʼ

The hardworking tutors at Tutoring with Tay know that tuition doesnʼt have to be something kids dread, but instead a time when they can learn so much, as well as build confidence.

The specialists in primary, high school and support education have just expanded their staff base and are on the hunt for two more talented tutors to get on board.

One tutor at Tutoring with Tay who has done extremely well working around the clock is Camden-born-and-bred teaching professional Eliza Mallitt.

Eliza said she loves watching students under her care grow and become more confident in their abilities, and strives to keep them motivated and on track – especially when that dreaded procrastination sets in.

Among her myriad of activities she employs, like reading and flash cards, she also likes to add a good dose of fun-learning stuff to her tutoring routine.

She has used lollies to replicate the cell-dividing process of meiosis and mitosis for year 12 biology students, and for the young ones she gets kids to wield colouring

pencils to work out maths problems.

She also makes use of some pretty good methods to get kids into the groove of after school learning when they donʼt feel like it. She gives them options so that they can make a choice for themselves or tries to find alternative activities and keeps parents in the loop of whatʼs going on.

Eliza said in her tutoring work she has learnt how to be more patient. “I have learnt so much in this job, but I think mainly patience,” she said. “Every individual student is different and unique and therefore they learn in different ways. It takes patience for the student to grow comfortable with you and come out of their shell.”

Eliza helps students develop the following essential skill sets: organisation, writing, vocabulary, memorisation strategies, computer/IT skills, problem solving, critical thinking and good old-fashioned note taking.

Since Eliza joined Tutoring with Tay about two years ago, she has become founder Tayla Fosterʼs trusty second in charge. “Eliza is the most dedicated and hardworking young adult I've ever had the pleasure of working with,” Tayla said. “She's been my strength and guiding light within the business for such a long time and I appreciate her immensely.”

So, if you want to get your child into a good skill-and-confidence boosting plan, Eliza could be the very person for them. Tutoring with Tay caters to students from kindergarten to year 12, and covers the Wollongong, South-West Sydney and Blue Mountains regions.

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