Information that you receive from others and from within your own heart could compel you to participate in some ambitious projects, Aries. They may be work related, connected with a group, or your own.


Taurus, perhaps bringing Earthshaking information that could impact your life in a great way. You might start considering new lifestyle options.


Group activities or social events in your neighborhood could put you in touch with new and exciting people who eventually become friends, Gemini. Shared goals and interests could give rise to plans for ambitious projects.


Have you been looking to branch out in a new direction, Cancer? If so, this could be the day you get the lead of a lifetime. Or you might receive some unexpected information indicating possible new sources of income that you could pursue on your own.


You could find yourself considering some unusual options, which could involve changing jobs, your residence, or other factors important to your lifestyle.


Fascinating discussions could lead to insights and revelations of your own, Virgo. You could explore ways to harness your natural healing ability, perhaps through Reiki, massage, or other hands-on disciplines.


Your intuitive abilities aren't lying fallow either. Insights and revelations could come to you that blend well with what you're learning from outside sources.


An unexpected raise in salary could come your way soon, possibly because of sudden changes at your workplace. Some of the information that you receive could seem vague and uncertain at first, but whatever news follows should clear it up.


Some fascinating new information, possibly about spiritual or metaphysical matters, could come your way today via books, magazines, TV, or the Internet, Sagittarius. This could set you off on a new course of study.


You could receive some surprising ideas from newspapers, TV, or the Internet. Your level of intuition is very high. No matter how outrageous an idea may seem, consider it carefully before making a decision.


A social event or group rally could put you in touch with some new and exciting people in interesting fields, Aquarius. You might even run into an old friend you haven't seen for a long time.


It could involve an entirely new project or course of action that you never would have imagined. This is likely to shape up to be a lucky break for you, as the new situation probably suits your skills and talents nearly perfectly.

The Blue Mountains Phoenix would like to credit Nyssa Grazda, Mackenzie Greer, Donna Stellhorn and Lisa Stardust for our weekly horoscopes.

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