A delay in completing an important project could have you feeling irritated, frustrated, and inadequate, Aries, even though you've done your best. There are probably a lot of other important tasks waiting. Take care of them and get your mind off the other. It'll get done eventually.


You could be tempted to go into a funk over it, but don't. It could create the very situation you don't want. If you budget your time and work efficiently, you'll probably be able to go on your trip as planned and have a wonderful time.


Friday’s cosmic landscape encourages you to engage with that drive to do what you love as the moon transitions from sensitive Cancer into expression-hungry Leo.


Self-motivated Mars locks into an opposition with spaced-out Neptune, creating a mental fog that’s difficult to permeate. Rather than let your mind deceive you, aim to cultivate some of the rich inspiration this pairing bestows.


You’ve needed to shore up your own confidence in your abilities rather than rely on other people for positive feedback. Friday’s skies find the moon departing from sulky Cancer and ploughing forward into your sign.


The universe is working to help you break through some emotional blockages as the highly-sensitive Cancer moon squares off with your ruling planet, expressive Mercury.


Rather than try to go against the grain, aim to flow into a relaxed and restorative mindset. Go-getter Mars falls into a sleepy opposition with reality-melting Neptune, which imbues the day with confused, overly-romanticized energy.


Your ruling planet, go-getter Mars, currently finds itself marching through hard-working but self-critical Virgo, which has been helping you forge ahead.


Give yourself one final push under Sunday’s skies, Sagittarius. You’ve been aiming that arrow towards the sky in hopes you expand your opportunities, and the universe is waiting to provide.


Devote your focus towards a love interest or partner to feel best. Luna’s square with messenger Mercury may activate unsettling conversations on the job front, but fortunately, her smooth connection with the sun later helps settle the dust and restore peace.


Impulsive Mars finds itself in a hazy opposition with boundary-blurring Neptune, which can have you running up credit card debt and entering into unclear commitments.


You’ll feel your best if you manage to cross multiple things off your to-do list and still leave time for exercise and proper meals. Friday’s skies encourage you to reconnect with order and process as the moon dips into self-interested Leo.

The Blue Mountains Phoenix would like to credit Nyssa Grazda, Mackenzie Greer, Donna Stellhorn and Lisa Stardust for our weekly horoscopes.

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