Light a candle and make a wish. See the flame as a symbol of the transformation and passion within you.


This is a climactic time for you, and you may feel like your world is caving in. You may desperately try to hold the keystone in place so that the whole structure doesn't fall. Somehow you feel solely responsible for holding together everything in your world.


Don't be afraid to take action as necessary in order to get your point across. Deeds will speak louder than words.


Luna’s opposition with visionary Neptune creates a foggy, fantastical bend to your thinking—offering an equal amount of inspiration and hallucination.


You’re hankering for a restful recharge under Friday’s skies as the reflective Scorpio moon beckons you inward and away from the crowd. It’s an ideal day to tend to the upkeep of your humble abode, to catch up on rest, or to reach out to family members and get nostalgic.


Friday’s skies offer up an ideal time to immerse yourself in writing projects, educational ventures, or important conversations. All that matters is that you use your voice and speak your truth, whatever the outlet.


It’s an ideal day to check in on your budgeting and get realistic about spending while also letting your forgotten talents reactivate.


Give yourself space to discover what needs to emerge and which actions need to be taken as the illuminating sun merges with your ruling planet, soldiering Mars.


The moon floats through solitary Scorpio, signaling a strong need to recharge, recuperate, and release. It’s an ideal day to reconnect with your favorite nature spot, get lost in a good book, and turn your phone off.


The deep-feeling Scorpio moon calls your attention towards your sense of community, making it an ideal day to reach out and reconnect with friends or your social network.


Sit with your thoughts and examine what seems to be standing in your way mentally. Elsewhere, Venus moves forward into big-hearted Sagittarius, attracting new alliances and friends to your side in weeks to come.


Saturday’s skies touch on what you’ve outgrown value-wise in terms of your career ambitions, as Venus merges with the south node of fate.

The Blue Mountains Phoenix would like to credit Nyssa Grazda, Mackenzie Greer, Donna Stellhorn and Lisa Stardust for our weekly horoscopes.

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