Your mind gives you a great deal of security, Aries, which allows you to explore other worlds. You have your satellite outpost operating smoothly, and you can now take trips into the frontier knowing that you have a secure facility to fall back on.


You were probably born with talent, but perhaps you don't treat it with as much respect as someone endowed with only a fraction of your natural ability.


You may feel like you're being tested in some way, Gemini, like you're on trial and must defend yourself, including what you believe and how you operate. This feeling is unsettling, but soon you'll realize that it's strengthening in many ways.


You feel reprimanded because of the way you reacted to a situation that came out differently than you'd hoped. Trust that you acted in the best, calmest, and most understanding way possible.


Look for beauty and love in the simplest things. If you can't see it, then work on adjusting your attitude. Your inner state is likely what needs to be fixed, not the world around you.


It's one thing to talk about great visions and dreams, but the bottom line is that they'll continue to remain abstract concepts unless you work to develop them into something solid and tangible.


Remember that less is more, Libra. Having love and romance in your life doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be best friends with every person you meet. This is a good time to enjoy more quality time with fewer people.


The moon’s presence in sentimental Cancer has you stepping back to examine the big picture view of your life thus far. Luna’s square with expressive Mercury highlights what ingrained mental and communication patterns need adjusting to move forward. Later, the moon’s sweet connection with the sun helps you feel capable of goal achievement.


Wednesday’s skies push you to examine relationship hang-ups and unhealed wounds in the sober light of day as the highly-sensitive Cancer moon squares off with mental Mercury.


Self-determined Mars locks into a dizzying opposition with disorienting Neptune, creating a sense of confusion around your big picture trajectory and challenging you to step out of your comfort zone. It’s an ideal day to embrace writing projects and get lost in fantasy.


Let yourself cultivate a new approach to your work-life balance today as the moon roams through nurturing Cancer.


Don’t let yourself get sucked into another mundane routine as the sensual Cancer moon turns your focus towards creative activities, romantic interludes, and ignites a playful mood.

The Blue Mountains Phoenix would like to credit Nyssa Grazda, Mackenzie Greer, Donna Stellhorn and Lisa Stardust for our weekly horoscopes.

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