An unexpected development could throw you into a tailspin, Aries. This could involve a new person in your life or the reappearance of someone from the past. This presence could incite either personal or professional changes.


You might get caught in a rush of phone calls and errands. This should prove very positive for the group's goals in the long term, but for now it could drive everyone crazy. Try to stay focused and just do what you have to do.


You might be tempted to chastise everyone, but that isn't a good idea. You won't stop the battle, and everyone involved will resent whatever you do. The best solution is to leave.


This is a great day to take a quick trip or hang out with your friends and neighbors. If you’ve been struggling with a problem, brainstorm with others to come up with solutions.


The moon’s presence in your opposite sign of logic-first Aquarius intensifies your need for intimacy, connection, and to feel heard in your one-on-one’s.


The moon dips into reflective Sagittarius, sending your attention towards your home environment and the current state of family connections. It’s an ideal day to reconnect with your closest kin, cook yourself your favorite meal, and maintain a low-key profile.


Save any drudgery and labor for another time as the playful Aquarius moon encourages you to indulge in your romantic sensibilities and immerse yourself in creative activities.


Magnetic Venus locks into a hard square with limitation-setting Saturn, imbuing the day with a heaviness and deepened awareness of blockages between your sense of independence and family duties.


The moon glides through ambitious Capricorn all day, sending your attention towards the state of your finances and your ability to validate your skills.


The universe is summoning you to go inward and disconnect from the world.


While it's an unusual mode of action for you, the universe has been quietly encouraging you to develop a deeper sense of your own individuality and power.


Your solitary, introverted fish reigns supreme first, pushing you to focus on quiet recuperation and prioritize healing moments of solitude.

The Blue Mountains Phoenix would like to credit Nyssa Grazda, Mackenzie Greer, Donna Stellhorn and Lisa Stardust for our weekly horoscopes.

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