You might ask yourself questions about how to proceed. Don't get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Take things one step at a time.


Pursue creative projects in social environments. The more time you spend with others, the more fulfilled you'll be by sundown.


The sun’s time in Virgo works to reconnect you with your roots, living environment, and family connections. The second full moon of the month arrives once again in rational Aquarius, illuminating the current big-picture vision you hold for your life.


The second full moon of the month arrives in solution-seeking Aquarius today, shining its revealing light onto the undercurrent of deep-swimming feelings swirling around intimate relationship matters.


Today’s skies find the sun departing from your sign and moving forward into analytical Virgo. The sun’s time here works to focus your energy on shoring up your confidence, tightening your resources, and honing skills.


The sun departs from self-interested Leo and moves forward into your sign today, where it launches your own personal “New Year” moment. Use the weeks ahead to redefine your relationship with health, identity, and sense of independence.


The sun moves forward into reflective Virgo today, where it sends your focus in the weeks ahead to renewal and release. Use this time to shed old habits, remove yourself from tiresome obligations, and quietly restore your energy.


The sun moves forward from show-stopping Leo into workaholic Virgo today, pushing your focus in the weeks ahead on goal achievement and social networking.


Today could be the day to do something radical at work, Sagittarius! With Mars strongly connecting to Uranus, both your daily work habits and career path are in it for the unexpected.


Use today’s astrological energy to think outside the box. Get creative with your work responsibilities—like doing your tasks out of order or finding a way to make them more enjoyable.


You could be laser-focused on what you have professionally invested in, such as any contracts or financial agreements. Ideally, these investments should pay off to sustain a healthy work-life balance.


The second full moon of the month also arrives today, once more emerging in solution-seeking Aquarius. The uncomfortable lunation shows you where deeper emotional renewal is necessary.

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