Growing up, it used to be that we were excited to go out and eat once in a Blue moon, to get take away or sit down at a restaurant with our family and friends, but nowadays it's quite the reverse. It might induce little shock to reveal that the average Australian is eating out more and cooking at home less. However, the extent and implications of this culture change could be worthy of some worry. At a time where our society knows more about health and nutrient requirements than ever before, it is interesting to consider that this may be one reason why 60% of Australians are considered obsese or overweight. We are no longer taking the time to cook meals and spread the love within our family home, and are choosing trans fats enjoyed in front of the TV, rather than at a technology free dinner table. What on earth has happened?

Fast Food

Fast Food is just too convenient and cheap. The deal of not even needing to leave your car and have your meal brought to you within minutes surely beats hours over the stove right? Wrong! The reason it takes only a few minutes to bring your order to life is because the food is absolutely drenched and deep fried in oil that soaks through your food and reduces the good fats and nutrients out of the product. Whilst it's easy to purchase, especially when the kids have training and your partner is coming home late from work, it’s also increasing the chances of clogged arteries and detrimental health issues for yourself and your family.

Not sure how to cook?

We live in a day and age that makes even the most impossible task achievable. With a simple click of a button we have simple and easy to follow recipes and guides, and we also have an array of cooking shows that not only teach us about the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ and the rationale behind the healthier choices that will furthermore increase a healthier lifestyle. One might even wish to read online articles for the latest food trend and as such try it in their home.

Don’t let your kids grow up thinking take away meals are the societal norm. Break these barriers and create delicious meals that are both healthy and nutritious for your entire family.

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