Pink Floyd rock, Melbourne chamber music, Argentinian cinema, and an Aussie musical to boot - the Blue Mountains’ cultural agenda shines brighter by the day. Melbourne-based quintet Inventi Ensemble has a knack for producing polished, classic chamber music to its finest level, and is renowned for their impressive arrangements of large-scale works.

Now, the flute, oboe, violin, viola, and cello act are set to inspire at the Blue Mountains Theatre on 22nd August at 2:30pm.

The group’s seasoned oboist Ben Opie said audience feedback from recent concerts has been enormously enthusiastic.

“There’s something in the way we play that’s really quite stimulating and inspiring, even for us, as players and I think that gets carried over to the audience as well,” Ben said. “When we were touring recently, the overwhelming response was ‘I just loved hearing those new sounds, and the new interpretation of the old music’.”

The five-piece ensemble will play familiar classics from the likes of Mozart, and Rimsky-Korsakov, as well as some engaging new pieces.

You might even find yourself having a chinwag with them, as they like to break traditional barriers by having a chat with patrons, during, and after their shows.

But if progressive or psychedelic rock is more your thing, check out Australia’s largest scale Pink Floyd concept act on 10th September, at the theatre. Echoes of Pink Floyd started to hit the theatre circuit seven years ago, and haven’t looked back since.

Lead singer Matt Goodluck said the depth of Pink Floyd’s repertoire is what draws so many to their music, even today.

“Their music is complex, but not bombastic, not over the top, there is a deep complexity that really draws people in,” Matt said. “The lyrics also really speak to people, because they touch on universal themes that affect all of us, things like time, money, life, death, madness – all the things we deal with in our everyday lives.”

The theatre is also set to showcase a musical celebrating the nation’s first celebrity cookbook writer, Margaret Fulton.

Back before cooking shows became commonplace in Australia, Fulton kicked us onto a path beyond the regular meat-and-three-veg diet of her day. The matinee show is on at the Blue Mountains Theatre on 7th August. The historic Mount Vic Flicks cinema has some more, great showbiz content on the radar, with its screenings of an Argentinian crime comedy, and a New York set sci-fi pic.

Heroic Losers is a working-class slash revenge movie set in Argentina, about a former football player seeking to pull him, and his family out of decline. They end up setting off on a heist against criminal bigwigs, with not a little bit of risk. Lapsis is also a hot drama flick to follow – the portrayal of a man against the machine genre, without the high budget spectacle. Make a note in your calendars as these sessions start back from Thursday, 15th July.

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