Furthering one's education may appear as a daunting prospect, but can result in one of the most rewarding experiences and land you the job of your dreams. Take the leap of faith today by undertaking new courses to gain the qualifications necessary for the career you’ll love. The following resources have made it a lot easier to find an answer and break down your next move.

Where to start?

Within NSW alone, there are over 35 University institutions, this might leave students choosing where to study the course that perfectly suits them as an individual slightly confusing. Where do I even begin to look and how do I know what institution will cater to my needs and education the very best? The following two sites are great for helping you narrow your choices down. Course seeker is an informative site that allows prospective students to type in a keyword and see all of the related university courses across NSW and abroad. Course seeker also offers a great tool which allows you to compare different courses across a variety of institutions and share these with friends and family who may be helping you to make the right choice. https://courseseeker.edu.au

Make the necessary change

Whether you are fed up with your current job or have always wanted to explore another passion of yours, this website should be your first stop. Job Outlook is a government website that aims to help students make the tough and confusing decisions about the next step in their career. One of the most helpful tools is the ‘career quiz’ which can be accessed via the website; https://joboutlook.gov.au which consists of a quiz that helps to break down your work style as well as suggesting several careers you might enjoy. From there you are provided with a list of jobs that utilise the skills you already have under your belt! Don’t allow the fear of failure keep you from chasing the life you want the most.

It’s time to stop dreading the dreary old day job and say hello to a career worth waking up for.

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