Is it easier to get good work done when you love what you are doing?

Father and daughter dream team Scott Brown and Kody-Leigh Brechney think so. Scott’s vision to have his own coffee cart milled about for 10 years before he finally put it into action back in 2012.

“For ten years, my whole growing up, dad was like, ‘I’m going to get a coffee cart’, and then he did it,” she said. “He did mainly just markets, sporting events and things like that.”

Then last year, before Covid, their Zensational Coffee business was offered a permanent position at the Ugg boot shop in Faulconbridge, and it has been blazing guns ever since.

“Even with all of Covid, we just tried to do our best and open up and see how it went, and it seems to be going really well,” she said. “We really love it, we’ve had good feedback from locals in Faulconbridge, Winmalee and Springwood – so we have a little collection of regulars that come up, it’s been really nice.”

They have been quite fortunate after this last lockdown, as they are completely outside and do takeaways, so they are able to stay open. In fact, they have just started up a new site at the garden centre in Springwood, and will get back into serving coffee at the Magpie markets in Lawson, and the Glenbrook markets once they fire up.

So let’s talk about their coffee. They use the Kombi blend, which is an equal mix of coffee beans sourced from four different parts of the globe: India, Sumatra, Ethiopia and Costa Rica. Scott and Kody-Leigh source their beans from Art of Espresso in NSW, who get them directly from farmers, and Scott even got to visit the community in India to see for himself.

But besides making good coffee Kody-Leigh says she is aware of the impact a friendly and attentive barista has on visitors. “I guess it’s similar to a hairdresser or a counsellor, you have the opportunity to make someone’s day, and chat with them... especially with everything we are going through now as a community,” she said.

She describes their coffee as full-bodied and smooth, with no acidic aftertaste. “It always feels like it’s giving you a hug,” she said. “You take that sip and you think – good, I feel like I’ve just had a hug, and today I can start the day.”

And so are there any family squabbles between the two? Being on the same page and having good communication is what it is all about for the duo.

“Communication is so important, and I think we are pretty good at that... sometimes things get lost in translation, but we have never been drama-filled people, and we both like diary dates and to-do lists.”

So for a friendly chat, and organic, fair-trade coffee, check these guys out. Both sites in Faulconbridge and Springwood are open seven days.

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